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swedish partner
established in eastern europe

JN Project, s.r.o. is a European company in the full sense of the word. We use broad experience and knowledge of local environment in various European countries in order to provide our clients with high-quality and effective project management services. We started our activities in Sweden and based on the needs of supranational companies we gradually shifted focus of our activities to the Central and Eastern Europe. It is not an accident that we established out central office in Slovakia and direct representation in Romania. We are able to be a competent partner for Western European investors in extension of our business to new regions.

Industrial premises
is our business

Our core business is construction of premises for industrial production, including ensuring technological complexes and related infrastructure. We lean not only on knowledge of specific needs of manufacturing plants, but also on knowledge of conditions, legislation, possibilities and available sources at the place of planned construction. Knowledge of local environment is an important condition for effective realization and timely completion of a project. We closely cooperate with local authorities, self-government, building companies and experts. We also monitor and control course of the project from the point of view of strict standards of the European Union in order to ensure compliance of investors with regulations, standards and safety measures applicable in the most developed states.

expanding europe
to new regions

Our long-term objective is establishment of direct representations in other countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, strengthening and development of partner and subcontractor relations in order to be able to provide optimal solutions.


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